You can now watch in videos section a A-Spot Session from the forthcoming album of the new song «You’re Not Alone», but also, the video from the forthcoming new EP’s single (and title) Lion Day.



New videos!

April 3rd 2014

Sorry for this year (almost) of absence but the band has been quite busy! A lot of change happened and facebook was the main use for updates. This website will soon be rebuilt but we needed to keep you informed on what’s going on in Komä world this past year and for the year ahead.

Komä has a new bass player: Lucas Henry. He’s a young talented musician from Nice who new the band for a while and fit perfectly with the new musical direction the band took these past few months.

Changes happened in our label, that’s why nothing happened for a while but now we’ve recorded a brand new EP called Lion Day, 4 tracks, produced by the well-known MEDI in his new studio in Nice, the A-Spot. You can listen to it on SoundCloud!

We’ve shot a video for our single Lion Day with the Nice talented WeGotProd crew. With them we also shot a live video at B-Spot last month.

We’ve done a new A-Spot Session with Nico Timmermans on a song that doesn’t feature on the EP but is brand new (You’re Not Alone).

And finally, we’re currently working on new songs expected to be issued on a new album in 2014!

We will try to keep you posted more often in the future but you can now stick around!

Big update!

October 12th 2013

Komä will be playing during the new radio show «Jour de Scène» on Radio Monaco, live from B-Spot club in Nice on Sunday December, the 16th. The show will be aired from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., ending with a song played by the house band The Sons Of Guns (Ay plays in this band too).

Radio Monaco: Jour de Scène

December 3rd 2012

A few days before the B-Spot gig, the band recorded a live video at the A-Spot studio, wich is part of the B-Spot club, in Nice. The track is called Lion Day, one of the new songs. Watch it on Youtube following this link. Video filmed and edited by friend of the band’s Nico Timmermans.

A-Spot Sessions: Lion Day

November 26th 2012

A new single will be released in 2013 and it will be a brand new song not issued on The Universal Self. The band is composing and rehearsing at the moment and many things are on the way. Keep you posted!

New single next year

November 6th 2012

The band will be playing at B-Spot club in Nice, November 23rd for a special evening during the «Shoulda Been a DJ» nights. It will be an acoustic set and new songs will be played for the first time. Plus, there will be a new bass player called Lucas Henry. Come and see this brand new club in Komä’s home town!

New concert in Nice

November 6th 2012

The new single from The Universal Self album is indeed Insomnia, now available on iTunes (single edit), you can get it on this page.

The band currently rehearsing his opening for dEUS next friday. A new song (Lion Day) will premiere live. Tickets are still available on this link.

Insomnia & dEUS

February 8th 2012

Komä will be opening for the band dEUS February the 10th, 2012 at Nikaia salle 700 in Nice!

Stay tuned to get your ticket!

Opening for dEUS!

October 27th 2011

The live acoustic session the band did last June at OÜI FM radio station had some video issues and can’t be viewable. Therefore, another round of gigs in Paris will soon be planned in order to do this session again!

By the way, Insomnia has been chosen as a new single, a radio edit will soon be available. We’ll keep you posted!

Another new single, new gigs soon

October 7th 2011

The band will play in Port Grimaud on the 9th of September on the stage of Plage de Rock Festival.

It’s a last minute thing but if you’re around, come and see the band playing his album and surely new songs as well with a second set of covers... plus it’s a free entrance!

Concert in Port Grimaud

September 3rd 2011

Sliding Doors will be the second single issued from the album «The Universal Self». It won’t be released for sale but only for radio stations in France and has been edited for that purpose.

The band is working on new songs at the moment, in order to present extended future concerts.

Sliding Doors : new single

August 31st 2011

Good friend of the band John Paldacci (working for Dirty Prod) filmed their concert at La Rascasse in Monaco and edited a film for Surviving... following that stunning work, Ay did another one from Sinking with extra bits of the last Moods concert.

Enjoy these in the videos section!

New videos

July 27th 2011

Komä will play three more gigs this summer in Monaco, St Laurent du Var and Nice.

Monaco : La Rascasse on the 10th of July

St Laurent du Var : Cap 3000 terrasse on the 11th of August

Nice : FNAC showcase on the 24th of September

Still working on promoting the new album, maybe a new single in September.

More live dates

July 5th 2011

The band will play tomorrow (22nd of June) for the radio show «Au Secours! C’est du Live» on OÜI FM.

The band will play acoustically two songs (one from the brand new album and one cover) and will be interviewed straight after.

You can listen on the web there at 8.00 p.m.

Live acoustic at OÜI FM

June 21st 2011

The album is available today in every good shop in France!

To promote it the band will be playing today at Cultura shop in Mandelieu, the 15th at Cultura shop in Puget Sur Argens and the 19th at Virgin Megastore in Nice.

Album available today : Showcases!

June 13th 2011

Komä will present his first album The Universal Self live at the Batofar in Paris the 24th of June. Mako (the album sound engineer and mixer) will open the show starting at 8 p.m., this will be the first time in Paris since the Gibus Club in 2009.

Hope to see you there!

Album available today : Showcases!

June 13th 2011

The album is available today digitally on iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Virgin, Music Story, Musicme, etc...

Be the first to discover one year of labour!

You can go on our facebook to give your impressions.

Album available on the web

May 16th 2011

The Universal Self will be released in France the 13th of June 2011 and will be distributed by Universal Music.

Komä will give a concert to present the album in Monaco at Moods the 27th of April and then will begin to promote it with showcases to be announced soon.

The album has 11 tracks.

01 Surviving

02 In The Moment

03 The One That Shines

04 Sinking

05 Weird

06 The Simplest Solution

07 Your Own Eyes

08 Insomnia

09 Sliding Doors

10 Mind Storm

11 Fake

Album issuing announced

April 12th 2011

The first single of the album The Universal Self will be Surviving and can be downloaded on Deezer, iTunes, Amazon, etc... from the 18th of April.

First single : Surviving

April 2nd 2011

New gig at Moods on the 27th of April 2011 in Monaco!

It should be the first concert from the album tour. First chance to see the new album live and some new songs as well...

Gig at Moods, Monaco.

February 23rd 2011

The mastering is done!

The band is happy about it and has been done by Mike Marsch at The Exchange studio in London.

It should be released between April and June 2011.

More news to come!

Album update

February 1st 2011

Due to his new presence in french singer guitar player Louis Bertignac’s new power trio, Julien will maybe miss some future Komä gigs.

But he’ll do the best he can to be there as much as he possibly can. In the meantime, the band found a brilliant young replacement called Miché Dominici.

Julien is (temporary) out!

January 10th 2011

Videos from the ZZ Top/Iggy & The Stooges opening act are online on youtube and, of course, on the video section.

This was taken by Forecast, the working video crew on this concert, and thanks to Jérôme Pic the band got their set on DVD... enjoy!

New videos

July 21st 2010

The mix of the album has begun!

There will be 11 tracks. The title is «The Universal Self».

Mako is doing the job right now in Paris until the end of july.

It still should be issued this fall.

Keep you posted!

Album update

July 15th 2010

Komä played as expected on the 8th of july in the Théâtre de Verdure of Nice, opening for Pete Doherty with two other band (The Human ET and Kitto) but Pete didn’t come! Officially because of sickness, but some says he was too drunk in Paris to come... Anyway, in front of a reduced audience, the band played a fantastic set and photos from David Winch will soon be uploaded!

Pete didn’t come!

July 10th 2010

Komä opened last night for ZZ Top and Iggy Pop & The Stooges and it was a good concert. There was more than 6500 people and the band was quite impressed! 6 songs were played : Surviving, In The Moment, Insomnia, Sinking, The Simplest Solution and The One That Shines.

The show was filmed and videos will soon be uploaded here.

Concert in Monaco

July 6th 2010

The band will be playing in Nice during may for several occasions. First on Place Massena on the 14th (an acoustic set with Did and Ay) between 12 a.m. and 1 p.m. and the 15th (this time, full band) between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., and then in a little pub in the old town called Tapas La Movida with another band from Clermont Ferrand, Braco, on the 23rd (starts at 8 p.m.).

New free concerts in Nice!

May 10th 2010

Komä is opening for ZZ Top and Iggy Pop & The Stooges on july, the 5th, 2010 in Monaco at the Monaco Music Festival on the «Place du Palais».

Opening for ZZ Top and Iggy!

March 23rd 2010

A new website called Wegotalent opened this week where you can watch videos of the band playing acoustic in Nice. Inspired by the famous Blogothèque, the concept is talk about all kinds of arts around Nice area. You can watch (and download) three songs (The Mistake, Surviving and Your Own Eyes) all filmed in different places.


March 18th 2010

Komä is opening Pete Doherty on july, the 8th, 2010 in Nice for Les Enfants Du Rock Festival at «Théâtre de Verdure».

Opening for Pete Doherty!

March 10th 2010

The album release is delayed until the end the year due to the mass of work planned for it!

There’s gonna be 12 songs and a lot of surprises... the band went at Solid Sound Studio for three days last January and more days of recordings are planed for April with a string quartet and Arabian percussions...

Album Update

February 25th 2010

Komä is opening for the band Republik on march, the 24th, 2010 in Monaco at the Moods.

New Gig

December 29th 2009

Komä is recording his first album due in march 2010.

The album is produced by Marc Toesca from Monte-Carlo Records and concerts will soon be announced in Monaco and Paris.

More news to come real soon!

First album schedule!

November 23rd 2009

New videos and photos are updated on the website about the concert at the Gibus club in Paris.

You can now find youtube videos from the concert and a selection of pictures taken by friends.

Photos & Videos update!

November 22nd 2009

Komä will be playing a free promo gig for the first album, which the band is working on.

It takes place at the Gibus, Paris on the 27th of october with two other bands called The Sleepwalkers and The Wix.

Come and support the band!

Concert in Paris

October 12th 2009

Komä will be playing in Bastia at The Petrabugno Bar on the 15th of august to finance a concert in Paris this fall.

Concert in Bastia

August 10th 2009

This new website will keep you informed as often as possible about recordings and concerts.

A lot more is about to come.

New website!

November 11th 2008

Hi everyone!

Sorry about this absence! The band is not dead. The website was down and Facebook was the only link with you all but we’re trying to come back... we have new songs, new member and new energy! The band played these past two years several concerts like two at model contest in Cannes, a Lexus ad or one for RTL2 in St Raphaël for last “Fête de la Musique” on June 21st.

During this last gig Komä played as a trio for the first time in years with Ay, Julien and an old friend of the band’s on bass: Daniel Marsala!

We plan new gigs soon and this time we really gonna try to keep you posted here, so as Facebook of course.

Hope to see you there!

We’re back!

July 5th 2016

Hey there!

We’ve been quite dormant again these past two years at the exception of a few concerts in St Raphaël, Cannes and Nice.

Ay has been doing a lot of recordings on his own with his solo project, that is now combined with Komä in many ways (he’s been the main composer from the start and Komä has only Julien as a regular drummer).

A concert, in St Raphaël again, has just been done two weeks ago with new songs and with Francky Lobielti (who’s responsible of mixing the Lion Day EP) on bass. It has been great and filmed. Soon, we’ll upload some of it.

We really don’t know what the future holds but we do know we wanna keep on going in many ways. Bandcamp is a great way to share what we do, we play for others as well, it takes a lot of time... but we still think Komä is special and deserves still more than what it got so far.

Hope to see you around and follow our facebook page if you want more everyday news.

We’re back... again!

July 23rd 2018

Ay released a new solo album!

February 12th 2021

Ay has been working on and off in-between his several projects on his solo stuff and he decided to release a new double solo album self produced with Julien on drums on three of the 14 tracks.

You can find it on all the streaming platforms and on his bandcamp folowing this link:

Ay Bandcamp