The One That Shines

I was changing more or less - I was aching

I was staking tenderness - I was acting

With flows, I was uncontrolled.

They were leading shameless - They were testing

No division for the mess - They were counting

On an empty shore, with empty stores

I fear to make it last

I deal with the fate of my past

I’m more, I’ve done with the shore

I need to mend it fast

I’m sure I’m bored - I’m sure I’ve soared

I will stand until I bleed - I await my sin

I will crawl under my skin - I’ll arrange my stream

Without false kind of emotion

It was stuck into my head - It was loading

No direction needs a trade - Or compromising

I need to believe.

I need more than painful mansions

With no passions nor solutions

I look for a healing kind

Of desperate minds to throw the blind

I’m waiting with the one that shines

In the shadow of the one that shines

There’s neither passion nor creation,

I’m empty with the one that shines