You’ve got to take something

Before I change my mind

You’re better with nothing

Surviving is just fine

I don’t want to see you

I don’t want to feel

Your presence in my sentence

Reminding me what is real

Everybody’s talking about you,

Mourning what you’ve become,

Expecting bright changes for you,

Greeting the good days to come,

But we’re faking our grief

As if it’s not a mirror And we won’t give a dollar,

We’ll embrace the world as thieves

I’m gonna show you my way

You’re gonna feel that I’m ok

I’m gonna grab my pride

‘cause I’m not yours, I’m not yours

You chose your way of life

I’m not the one responsible

I don’t want to beg you

So please don’t ask for more

I know I’m a good person

I’m not the one to blame

So get out of my way

And like all of (the others) them: just pray!