She Waits

She stays untied but these days aren’t fine

She waits for a sign, no need for a goodbye and a lie.

Don’t sign, don’t cry, I’m on time.

Seeds of “hello”

Don’t tell me you’d understand

Sheets are well drowned

I own you so much and you pay that again

She sees the crime but unpleased with the pride

She breathes the cry but no harm she’s alright, she’s my life.

I feel fine, I just have to be on time.

Seeds of “let go”

Don’t tell me you feel the same.

Sheets are yellow

I own you so much and you… you pay that again.

You waste your pride

You waste my cries

You hear your chance of a diving life

I waste your pride

I lay by your side

I pray with no faith but with no lies.