In The Moment

I’m the king of my own existence

I’m the master’s unconscious deal

I’m just like the first instance

Because I simply know nothing is real

I can fly over a mountain

I can breathe inside a landslide

I can fool without shame

Because I simply don’t need a guide

I can look into you with addicted opinions

I can expose my soulless sensitive delusion

I can just fly like an innate destitution

I could lose everything without any sensation

I wake up!

I’d rather fall off the empire state

I’d rather fade in another shape

I’d rather steal from my roommate

Than touching or feeling the light

I could lose my legs or experience the plague

I could tear my eyes off just to get laid

I could do anything I wanna do because I stole my mind

I could do anything in the moment, I know I’ll be found

I wake up!

I pretend I don’t want to go

But this is not going to last

I pretend there’s no death row

But I won’t live in the past

It’s time to forget… I wake up.

It’s time for sunset… I wake up.

I hear… my life… I hear… my real… life.           I wake up!