No one tells you how to suffer

Aren’t you made with sculpture?

None of them is to deliver

None of them wants the culture

Are you sitting on the chance to end the afternoon?

Are you coming to me or to let the truth be fooled?

Are you thinking about being the holy silly man?

Once more good excuses to feel the shock of your tan

Have you made your own opinion?

Have you blamed your own religion?

Link it to your past with the battery of gasp

You’re only one of a legion.

Are you afraid of being there?

You like to enjoy but unaware

There’s only deviance you’re taking care

There’s only romance to broke and spare

And what more to see on the half of luxury or chance?

Are you half-man made of half-sins, half-lifts and half-sense?

You want a reality of circumstances, you want more

You want to want what you don’t even want to, no more.

Have you made your own religion?

Have you come to blow opinions?

Make it be fast with your luxury of gasp

You’re not one but only millions.