perfect stranger


Musical project destined to explore electro fields... but seems to touch wider areas like pop, indie-rock, space-rock and even folk.

This website is designed to offer some free music to listen to, some photographs and other ideas given away straight from the brain...

It began in 2000 when I got my first (almost) proper home studio//then songs without lyrics came out///then songs with lyrics/// then the cover band I was in found a new singer: David Leese with whom a creative collaboration began///I was still composing for myself during all this time under the name of Komä///In 2006 Komä became a rock trio when David left for Scotland (and went on solo)///Komä is still on but I am still composing for myself under the simple name of Ay.

I play guitars, keyboards, piano and sometimes drums, bass guitar or other instruments like percussions, banjo or ukulele. I’m not a real singer but years of practising as a backing vocalist helped me use my voice in an interesting way.

Music seems to be a unconscious voyage to unused part of our minds.

A cerebral way to apprehend sounds packed into songs, simply.

Link to bandcamp.

Ay : musical website

You don’t know your existence. You are not real. Don’t flat yourself about your role, it does not exist, because we are not supposed to  that numbered on earth.

You know it but you do not want to know.

We are strangers in our own house.